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Mezzanine Engine

The Mezzanine Engine is Framework for building 3d physics enabled video games. It is written in and intended for C++ development. The Mezzanine Engine is designed to be re-usable and genre agnostic, so that it can be used in as many games as possible.

It is released under an open source license, the GPLv3 and can readily be used by hobbyists or for educational. For licensing without GPL restrictions, including commercial licensing, please Contact Us All of the dependencies are open source as well enabling you or your team to investigate and understand every single bit of what our engine is doing.

Unlike many other libraries out there we do not expect snooping through source code to be the only method of understanding the library. We have rigorously documented all the components of our engine and have made available Doxygen generated documentation to help you understand our code. We’ve even included a couple extra manuals and articles about some higher level usage of parts of our engine, and plan to include more articles for other parts of the engine as it is developed and matures.


We have a number of goals going into this when we started this project: